We will gather for dinner and a pre-workshop discussion on Thursday evening (Optional). Friday morning at sunrise we will begin our field sessions. We will be moving from one of Byron’s favorite shooting locations to another, stopping only for meals along the way. Saturday morning we will shoot and then in the afternoon we will take time for image critique and printing. We will shoot Sunday morning and use this time to start applying what we learned in the field and during the critique on Saturday. The workshop ends at noon on Sunday.

Most locations will be near to our vehicles but some locations may involve some hiking (usually a mile or less).

Hotel recommendations will be sent upon paid registration.  You may book your accommodations at the host hotel or feel free to choose your own place to stay.  (Airfare, meals and accommodations are not included in the price the workshop.)

Every bit as magnificent as the Smoky Mountains with far less congestion, Big South Fork National Recreation area in Tennessee is one of the most beautiful and unique areas of the United States both geologically and biologically. Byron has been photographing in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area regularly for more than 23 years. It is a land of striking contrasts, with the steep bluffs, waterfalls and stunning gorges so characteristic of the Cumberland Plateau. There are also natural arches, deep hardwood forests, boulder filled rivers and breathtaking overlooks.

We are excited to announce that Ron Rice will be joining us again for this workshop. This will enable us to make sure that everyone has easy access to instruction while we are in the field. Ron has worked for the better part of the past 30 years in the photo industry and he has been deeply influenced and mentored by many iconic photographers of our time. Ron is passionate about nature photography, helping others and is an outstanding photographer in his own right.

Byron and Ron will help you in the field where they will guide you to some of Byron's favorite spots and assist you personally in bringing back the best images that you possibly can. They will help you with all technical aspects of your photography including; Exposure, depth of field, histograms, choosing the correct aperture, maximizing image quality in every situation.

We will create macro and abstract images as well as landscapes in a variety of situations. More importantly, we will assist you in refining and expanding your vision so that you not only bring back beautiful images but you learn technical and compositional skills that can help grow your photography in the future.​

In the interest of giving our workshop clients our full attention while in the field, we do not shoot for our own personal use.​

Fall Workshop Bonuses!
In addition to the usual curriculum and fantastic shooting spots, we are offering two bonus sessions during this workshop. 

Byron's Workflow Basics:  Learn how Byron's Image Management and backup system works in the field and back to the office. You will also learn how Byron has incorporated Lightroom into this workflow. Armed with this knowledge you can incorporate all or parts of his system into your own image management workflow. Byron is a working professional selling thousands of his images every year. Learn how he manages his catalog of over 400,000 photographs.

Making a Fine Art Print:  An exciting new addition to this workshop is learning to make your own fine art prints!  After our critique, you will each choose one of your images from the weekend and learn how to set it up for printing and actually make a print to take home!



Big South Fork Fall Workshop

October 26th-29th, 2017


Legal Stuff
By registering for this workshop I understand and agree that I assume full responsibility for my own safety and well-being at this (these) workshop(s)and will not hold Byron Jorjorian liable for any bodily injury or lost, damaged or stolen equipment. Cancellations prior to 30 days  before the workshop are subject to a 10% cancellation fee or $25 whichever is greater. No refunds 30 days or less from the workshop date.